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Our Process makes it easy for you


Create an account

Create an account on our website by clicking Sign Up.

We offer 15% discount to our new clients.


complete basic questionnaire

Click on the Start Questionnaire for getting started with the basic questionnaire. Please note that you will require a Gmail account to fill the form online (since the form was created using google secure forms). If you do not have a Gmail account and do not wish to create one, please let us know and we will provide you with an offline copy of the form that you can fill.


expert assigned

Once we have your completed questionnaire, we review it and figure out exactly what forms/services you need. In most cases, the fixed price fee would suffice, but in case that extra forms are required, we'll let you know and present you the full price in the Engagement Letter.


sign engagement letter and pay half fee

Once you sign the Engagement Letter and pay the half amount, we get to work.  


sit back and relax while we work

After you sign the EL, the fun part begins - we prepare your return. A common misconception is that it mostly involves just copying data into the tax forms. This couldn't be further from the truth.

In reality most of the time we spend analyzing your case and looking at the ways to optimize your tax position. Every return is reviewed by at least two CPA/EA before we release it to you.


pay remaining & review

You approve / We file your return

We complete your return and upload it to our website; at this point the remaining payment is due.

Once you approve it, we will electronically file the return with the IRS. In cases when e-filing is not allowed (due to the IRS rules), we'll provide you with the PDF file and instructions for mailing.

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